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Integrated Simavionics (FSX-P3Dv4) PC




SPYDRIVE X2. Self-adapting lighting system, which projects the right lighting for the time and place of flight, directly to the windscreen and integrates windscreen wipers. GPS-based technology, which is already available on Piper and Raytheon Pilots, makes a seamless transition from the cockpit to the cabin. This allows the pilot to start the instrument approach procedure, select the correct auto-pilot mode and continue in the cabin. By seamlessly transitioning from the cockpit to the cabin, pilots have more time to focus on their flying. Pilots also have access to the Garmin G-Lectrix system which displays METARs and NOTAMs in real time, enhancing situational awareness. The Garmin G-Lectrix system displays METARs and NOTAMs in real time. GPS based avionics The Garmin G5000XL Integrated Simavionics family of products include a wide variety of avionics. Pilot and passenger safety are of paramount importance. With GPS based avionics, the Garmin G5000XL is the only family of avionics that includes a wide array of features that includes both passenger and pilot safety, as well as data and weather input for the most current and precise approach inputs available. SPYDRIVE X2 It's now possible for aircraft to drive their own lighting system. SPYDRIVE X2, integrated with the Garmin G5000XL avionics, automatically adjusts and projects the right lighting to the windscreen and integrates windscreen wipers. The integrated lighting system provides pilots with the best visibility at all times. Aero-Surfaces The Garmin G5000XL Integrated Simavionics has been specially designed to deliver the best possible avionics system performance by integrating weather radar, traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS), Mode C and Mode S communication systems into a single all-in-one avionics system. Select a model PILOT'S STATEMENT "I'm often amazed when I have passengers telling me how great the Garmin avionics are. It's an absolute joy to fly and I can see why our customers love the Garmin avionics. Many of my customers have said that they felt safer with Garmin avionics. It's not often I'm amazed when my passengers see the little Garmin logos on the Garmin avionics




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Integrated Simavionics (FSX-P3Dv4) PC

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